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Our Story

Welcome to Livewire Concepts, Inc., Kansas City’s leader in new customer acquisition and sales consulting. We are excited that you have taken the time and interest in learning more about our company’s values and services. We are dedicated to helping large companies develop and execute more effective sales and marketing campaigns. We do this by providing a professionally trained face-to-face sales team that can adapt quickly to changes in target market and customer demand. We realize in today’s day and age, telemarketing and direct mail cannot effectively help a company gain and retain their clients. We have proven that a smile and a handshake is a more powerful tool when it comes to acquiring lifelong customers for our clients.

Livewire Concepts, Inc. was founded in February of 2011 and our first client was the nation’s largest accounting software firm. Since then we have also taken on new campaigns and plan to expand from Kansas City to having 3 offices throughout the midwest by the 4th quarter of 2014. We strictly focus on working with Fortune 500 clients, and are currently working on a new project with the largest telecommunications provider and 12th largest corporation in the country as they expand.

As you look through our website, we hope to give you more insight in our culture, values, and goals.